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    Carbon fiber AFOs

    Spare Parts for the WalkOn Family of AFOs

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    WalkOn AFOs are prefabricated from advanced prepreg carbon composite material and help users with dorsiflexion weakness walk more naturally. WalkOn AFOs are lightweight, low profile, and extremely tough. And their dynamic design provides a more physiological and symmetrical gait, offering fluid rollover and excellent energy return.

    Fast and easy to fit, the WalkOn footplate is trimable and can be shaped with scissors, often requiring only one office visit. An open heel design helps to ensure good fit of heel cup, and they can fit comfortably inside almost any shoe.

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Ottobock WalkOn Replacement Bands & Accessories

Take advantage of our orthopedic expertise and lower extremity orthotics products for those who have suffered a neurological injury or other debilitating condition. Find an array of orthopedic and leg orthosis accessories for various Ottobock WalkOnŽ devices to manage conditions like light or severe drop foot.

Foot drop conditions can hinder daily tasks and make it difficult to lift the ankles or toes while walking and stepping up or forward. With proper orthopedic braces equipment, however, the leg, foot or ankle are better supported and easier to lift. The orthotic replacement straps we offer are designed for better comfort and versatility. They further stabilize the foot and customize the fit of the WalkOn brace onto your leg. Created for optimal functionality, the innovative Ottobock brace accessories are durable, easy to wear and available for free shipping on orders over $50.